Why Sex.Crypto Sold For $90,000 — Crash Course In Blockchain Domains Investing

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Want to strike it rich faster?? Learn how-to create premium valuable rich keywords as crypto-assets.

Most people who purchased a Dot Crypto, Blockchain Domain likely had no idea how to profit from it at the time of purchase. Other than knowing “Blockchain Domains” running on Ethereum and Zilliqa are the future of the next generation Web 3.0 new Internet for decentralization.

Why are Blockchain Domains so important? Particularly, those running on Ethereum or Zilliqa extensions??

They offer a totally new Crypto-asset class, specifically highly sought after digital assets. Through Blockchain technology these domains sit on top of smart contracts. Making it possible to create and develop a decentralized web platform that could outperform and beat major centralized technology. Creating demand interest from big corporations in Blockchain technology.

It’s important to note that Blockchain Domains running on Ethereum and Zilliqa, can accept Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. As well as send and receive cryptocurrencies for exchange of payments.

This is significant because in comparison to even Amazon, Microsoft, or Apple the best performing asset for the last decade has been Bitcoin!

Shockingly, Bitcoin for the last decade has also outperformed real estate investment trusts (REIT) and real estate overall.

Putting decentralized finance at the top of Blockchain developments.

While the world now faces unprecedented and difficult times. The value of the U.S. Dollar is declining and many Americans are finding themselves depending on Government assistance for the very first time in their lives.

Blockchain Websites are starting to particularly gain interest from worried investors. This could certainly be because of two relevant points of focus:

1. The Internet Remains Essential.

2. Payment Exchange Remains Essential.

Consumers still need the Internet, especially during a pandemic and they want necessary changes for a more free and secure decentralized web. With no restrictions on global censorship.

Additionally, consumers must have a reliable solution to exchange payments to send and receive money from anywhere.

This is what Blockchain Websites solves and offers not only global stability but sustainable profitability through offering cryptocurrencies as payment exchange including Bitcoin.

“Demands for decentralized Internet and cryptocurrency payment exchange will be survival necessities!”

Similar to real-world assets like real estate, a Blockchain Website can lease or rent out space for profit. Producing a great passive income return on investment.

Owning “Blockchain Websites” is the new digital equivalent to owning apartment buildings.

Crash Course In Blockchain Domains Investing

First, start with determining which Blockchain Domain to purchase for your portfolio. Typically, you can pay anywhere from $20 to over $20k or more for Dot Crypto or Dot Zil, Blockchain Domains.

To learn more about Blockchain Domains investing in Zilliqa pick up my book “Blockchain Domains Investing Secrets: Tap Into Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Crypto-Assets New Internet and Digital Asset Class, Marketplace Worth Trillions” available on Kindle or in paperback on Amazon.

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After purchasing a Blockchain Domain, it will need to be developed as a Blockchain Website. You still need all the branding elements like catchy logo design, friendly user interface, easy to remember, rich keywords, marketing, advertising, etc.

Dot Crypto is the most sought after Blockchain Domains that run live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Published to the InterPlanetary File System, a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. The IPFS uses content-addressing to uniquely identify each file in a global namespace connecting all computing devices.

Blockchain Websites Flipping System created by Uply Media, Inc will train you on how to generate income buying, selling, and flipping Blockchain Domains using Blockchain Websites!

The really cool thing about Blockchain Websites is the aftermarket resale value potential. Allowing the same investing strategies similar to real estate assets, to purchase a Blockchain Domain for cheaper value and develop a Blockchain Website into a premium value asset.

Recently, that largest resale Dot Crypto, Blockchain Domain sold on OpenSea’s token marketplace. The rich keyword “Sex.Crypto” sold for 230 ETH, which was approximately $90,000 on the day this transaction took place. The buyer was Maxstealth, who also owns around 196 other Dot Crypto, Blockchain Domains.

Proving rich keywords make the most valuable Blockchain Domains for profitability and aftermarket resale value.

Blockchain Websites will dominate Web 3.0 for the next generation of new Internet!

The value of Blockchain Domains running on Ethereum or Zilliqa extensions will be hot commodities and become even more extremely valuable over time.

Disclaimer: Disclosure interests, under no circumstances, should any material in this content be used or considered as an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy an interest in any securities or investment fund.



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