Why Uply Media, Inc Rejected Apple and Google To Pursue Blockchain

Let’s go back to 2014, by that time it was almost an app for everything. Apple and Google dominated the marketplace for mobile applications. If anyone rejected these two leading platforms in the future, it could be considered suicidal.

A little history first, from 2014–2018, Uply Media, Inc designed, developed, and created a total of 159 apps under our publisher license of “Uply Media, Inc” for a total of 159 applications, including 107 for Apple’s iOS apps and 52 for Google’s Android apps. Capturing a total of over 1 Million app downloads for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android available in over 155 countries. Ranked in the Top 5% for Most Apps and Top 10% for Most Download installs in Google Play Store.

In early 2019, Uply Media, Inc closed our Application publishing licenses with both Apple and Google, to focus on Blockchain technology extensively.

Today, the mobile app industry continues to thrive being able to generate billions of dollars in revenue. Proving sustainability is possible over a decade later.

In 2020, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android reached $111 billion dollars in revenue. Achieving a 24 percent increase year to year. With Apple being the pinnacle revenue biggest earner, despite having a disadvantage of controlling less than 15 percent of the market share compared to Google’s Android. For 2020, Apple’s iOS generated 65 percent of revenues among mobile applications.

It is truly Apple’s style and charm that connects with users to subscribe when it comes to in-app purchases. If you don’t have a good in-app purchase idea it will get rejected by Apple. That’s an innovation skill that Uply Media, Inc learned from being a partner with Apple. Figuring out how to create digital applications that will attract users willing to pay for the content and subscribe to the offer.

In 2020, Apple’s iOS generated 79 percent of the subscription revenues of the $13 billion annual increase.

Just for references in 2020, TikTok was the highest revenue earning mobile application and PUBG Mobile achieved the highest game revenue earnings among mobile applications.

“So, why would Blockchain be a better alternative than mobile applications?”

It all comes down to decentralized applications versus centralized applications. This is where Blockchain stands out in the crowd and beats all the competition.

For Uply Media, Inc it’s more all about transparency and trust authority. A peer-to-peer influential trustworthy ecosystem.

By no means are we saying mobile apps are bad? After all, Blinkist is one of the best mobile applications ever created. We would love to see a Blockchain version. Uply Media, Inc is offering an alternative decentralized solution in the marketplace. Where users as humans should be given information and offered freedom to make informed choices based on their beliefs and value system.

For example, dApps known as decentralized applications offer backend code through the use of Blockchain operating from decentralized technology. Where Blockchain Websites are also NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and sit on top of smart contracts. Unlike traditional mobile applications, decentralized applications aren’t controlled by any entity or even a single server.

Traditional mobile applications can spy on their users and the software is stored on centralized servers and controlled by the networks. The controlling entity handles the frontend requests allowing them to be manipulated.

There is a growing demand right now to create decentralized applications. For this reason Uply Media, Inc is focused on building Blockchain Websites NFTs for Web 3.0 for the next generation. These are unique as a new asset class that sits on top of a smart contract, such as the Dot Crypto extension on Ethereum’s Blockchain ecosystem.

Review Uply Media, Inc’s White Paper on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Digital Assets.

We believe in the theory that the future of decentralized search among Blockchain Websites is the biggest transformation since the first workable prototype of the Internet came in the late 1960s.

Where Blockchain websites are on track to disrupt the Internet origin and are making way for developing new virtual economies.

Learn more about Uply Media, Inc’s Blockchain Marketplace.

Blockchain Websites NFTs prominent key features include:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Accepting Variety Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Decentralized Ecosystem
  • ERC 721, NFTS (Non-Fungible Tokens)

A Blockchain Domain is also considered to be a Cryptocurrency Domain that can be purchased below value, developed into Blockchain Websites similar to real estate investing, they are able to be resold for much greater value. An innovative solution for creating digital gold NFTs for fast sustainable growth.

Please visit Uply Media, Inc online to order our Blockchain Websites Flipping System.

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